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Rowing is one of the most preferred workout opted by most of the exercise lovers. And now with the evolution of compact rowing machines, rowing at home has been made quite convenient. But the question that comes from several exercise lovers is about choosing the best rowing machine. As there are numerous types of rowing machines available in the market from different manufacturers, so it becomes quite confusing to make a selection between all of them. One name that is trending in the market for rowing machines is WaterRower.

Top Rowing Machines from Brand WaterRower – Must Consider for Selection

WaterRower is a New England based rowing machine manufacturer brand that has recently gained popularity due to its high tech and durable rowers at reasonable rates. Here is the top list of rowing machines offered by WaterRower.

WaterRower Natural in Ash Wood

One of the popular and lovely rowing machine by WaterRower handcrafted using ash wood. Ash wood is known for its strength and durability and thus this rowing machine exhibits the same characteristics. The ash wood handcrafted for making this rowing machine is finished with Danish oil and honey oak stain. Rate of this rowing machine is $1160.

Features Incorporated:

  • Handcrafted with Water Flywheel to give original rowing feeling.
  • Attractive dimensions of 83x24x21 inches.
  • Inside water tank with paddles to give quiet and smooth resistance.
  • Works 84% of your muscle mass.
  • Series 4 performance monitor to keep you informed about heart rate, stroke rate, intensity, distance, duration and more.
  • Weight capacity of 1000 pounds.

WaterRower Club in Ash Wood

Another wonderful rowing machine by WaterRower handcrafted perfectly using ash wood and given a solid finish with Danish oil and black & rose stain. Its various features has been designed in such a way that make it perfectly suitable for home. You can buy this home rowing machine at $1237.25.

Various features that it carries are:

  • A water tank inside the water fly wheel with paddles enclosed that offer a real rowing feel to user.
  • Offers convenient low impact website.
  • Series 4 performance monitor to showcase your workout parameters like, speed, calories burned, heart ate zone bar, stroke rate, intensity and more.
  • Consists of dimensions of 84x21x22.
  • Weighs 117 pounds and capable to bear 1000 ponds easily.

WaterRower Oxbridge in Cherry

WaterRower’s Oxbridge is wonderfully handcrafted with cherry wood and have been given a finish using Danish oil. Water Flywheel incorporated by this rowing machine give unsurpassed rowing experience and health benefits. Buy this at just $1360.

Features of Oxbridge Rowing Machine:

  • Quiet and subtle resistance with smooth paddles enclosed in the small tank of water.
  • Self-regulating resistance formula.
  • Series 4 performance monitor with 3 navigation and 6 quick selection buttons.
  • Properties displayed by monitor include, heart rate, zone bar, stroke rate, intensity, speed, distance and dur
  • Dimensions of 84x21x22 inches

WaterRower Classic in Black Walnut

This classic rowing machine has been handcrafted on the basis of principle as that of real life boats. It has been crafted using American black walnut wood with a finish of Danish oil. You can but this classis rowing machine at just $1560.

Features Incorporated:

  • Series 4 performance monitor to keep track of workout parameters like heart rate, zone bar, stroke rate, distance, time, speed and intensity.
  • Comes with an optional receiver and heart rate chest strap.
  • Dimensions of 84x21x22 inches.
  • Weight bearing capability up to 1000 pounds.

WaterRower GX Home

WaterRower GX home has been handcrafted using premium ash hardwood. A deep luster has been given to the hardwood using Danish oil finish. This rowing machine has specifically been made for your home rowing needs. You can purchase WaterRower GX Home at $1010.

Features offered:

  • Patented quick start monitor for keeping track of workout.
  • Featuring Aluminum monorail design.
  • Comes with 3 years warranty on parts and 5 years warranty on frame.
  • Comfortable medium duty seat with home use only warranty.

WaterRower is known for solid ha handcrafted rowing machines and all its products are unique and functional. You can try any of these top rowing machine and experience a comfortable rowing workout and enjoy amazing health and fitness benefits at home.

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