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Golf is one of most sophisticated and popular sports among the elite sports lovers today. Playing the sport involves using golf bags which holds the necessary equipment. Carrying the bags around the golf course can be really a tiring task for veteran golfers. Some of the players solve this issue by hiring electric golf carts which carry the bags along with the players too. While some prefer hiring a caddie, but most of the golfers prefer purchasing push carts. The golf push carts have become viral in the golfing world as they help carrying the bags and are much easier to handle. We are going to discuss some of the features of golf pushcarts and the step by step process of using this equipment.

Here are some of the features of the modern golf pushcarts available in the market these days.

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Maintenance free airless wheels: The modern day golf push carts are equipped with airless wheels which don’t get flat. The wheels have no chances of slipping or damaging the grass as the hub is rigid and strong. These are designed in such a way that you can move/turn the pushcart very easily.

Hand/foot brakes: You can park the pushcart very easily without rolling away as there are advanced brake systems. So you can also use these pushcarts very easily on hill tracks too.

Easy-clip bag straps: The push carts have built-in straps which help you to adjust easily no matter what is the size and dimension of your bag.

Slide-to-close feature: This feature allows you to open and close the pushcart very comfortably without any hitches.

Replaceable parts:  Nowadays most of the parts in a golf pushcart are independent on their own and so you can replace one easily when a part is damaged. This means that you don’t need to replace the full cart, just replace the affected parts.

More space: Today’s golf pushcarts have more capacity up to 80% compared to models of 5 years ago. This ensures more flexibility to secure the golf bags of the players.

Now let us have a look at what you have to do for putting the golf bags in these golf-pushcarts.

Firstly, you just have to unfold the pushcart by releasing the two handles. Then you make sure that the longer side of the cart is away from you while you unfold the cart. Now put one of your feet on the front wheel and then lift the front handle and the two back wheels out. Wait for the click now. The next step is the locking the middle part of the cart’s lever. Then push the button on the front wheel and pull up. Now it’s time to lock the lever. The unfolding part of the golf pushcart is over. Just put your empty golf bag by strapping the bottom and upper straps. Finally, put all of your accessories and equipment in your golf bag and the storage of the cart.

So… Pretty easy, isn’t it golf lovers? Obviously it is much easier than it was a few years ago. Golfers!! Now the days of carrying your golf bags on your shoulders are over!! These are the days to just play, play and play!!

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