Grab The Finest World Series Replica Trophies

We are a U.S based small team of high end brass handicrafts manufacturersproducing some remarkable representations of the trophies we offer, the World Series Trophy happens to be our feature product.

Baseball is still more popular than basketball and to an extent football. Today a lot has changed in baseball and the game is not the same with, a new face is emerging. According to some fans the obsolete traditions were haunting the game and that’s why it was necessary to bring out the required changes. MLB is still most popular sport and this is the reason that for the last 56 years this game has the oldest median TV audience as compared to 41 years for NBA and 50 years for NFL. As a patron of the sport we try to help increase the popularity and fame among the fans, through our replica trophies.

Baseball among youth especially among 18 to 24 years is declining. This is troubling the organization as out of the last 5 MLB World Series, 4 were the least viewed in the history of MLB. We feel it is our responsibility to do the best to revive the interest among youth and our replica trophies make it possible, our trophy has visited schools, charity events and are a huge hit within the upper echelons of the sports franchises.

The championship series known as the World Series is played annually. The series has a huge fan base and following and we too are also subsequent fans of the World Series. For the fans we present the finest World Series Trophy replica on-line. Our replica is the exact copy of the Commissioners trophy in all form factor using none precious metals.

You no longer have to wish to hold the World Series trophy in your hands, with our finest replica carry your passion in your hands. Our replica is made from sturdy materials and we offer completely free customization. You can request engraving of any personalized art work along with the year and the team etched into the main base. We take the commission and manufacture them to YOUR specifications.

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COPYTROPHY has been serving the market for 8 years, far longer than anyone else. In our store we like to offer all our visitors the opportunity to view live feedback from other sales platforms we currently use. These are all administered by the platform owners such as Amazon for example. We have no control over what people chose to write about their experience buying our trophies. When you purchase from us you should be fully aware that we do not cater for specific dates of arrival. We give a flexible lead time of 3 to 6 weeks. The reason is really quite simple, we are a small group of Brass handicraftsmen and we make several different trophy designs to order on a first come first serve basis. When we take your order we will be working on orders taken before you. All these orders are handmade and until they have gone through inspection nothing is ready to leave. Sometimes things need rectifying. All we guarantee is the best trophy out there and our huge portfolio of feedback justifies this statement.

Try us out folks, you will be in for an absolute treat.

Warmest Regards. Lee COPYTROPHY