10 Interesting Facts about Online Gambling at New Jersey Casinos

New Jersey is a legendary land of America, which is well-known for its extravagant online infrastructure of gambling and casino games. Since online gambling has been legalized within the boundaries of New Jersey, immense level of transformation have been evident in the state.

In addition, the Garden State has legalized iGaming and the interesting facts regarding its operations since then has been recorded in a report of Rutgers Centre for Gambling Studies. This report mostly focuses on a total of 10 changes that had been found in the gambling sphere of the state in the year of 2015.

Involvement of Huge Amounts

The first position has been acquired by a fact related to a guy, who had risked around $78.76 million just in a year. Although the amount won or lost by him could not have been recorded, but the fact that he dared to bet this huge amount is enough to prove his presence of free time, poker and hacking skills along with his extreme level of richness.

Female Gamblers

Based on report outcome, on the top 10% of wagers for the specified period, it was apparent that majority of them were women (53%), which was the second interesting fact presented in the report.

Regional Effect

The third instance that grabbed the interest of the Rutgers Centre for Gambling Studies was that online gambling was preferred by the people of the Shore region, while those from the Delaware region felt casinos to be the better option.

In this regard, it is worth mentioning that the Atlantic City had the least number of participants for both the events and Southern Shore, as it did not include the privileges of online gambling.

Age Matters

It had been recorded in the 7th position that most of the online players were youths between the age group of 25-34 in comparison to the players of the traditional casinos. Betfair is one such online exchange of betting, which is largely in demand among the online players and hence refers others to play slots online at Betfair.

Gambling in Working Hours

The fourth position was given to the fact which stated that 31% of the gamblers preferred to participate in online gambling during their work hours that is between 9am to 12pm.

Gender Disparity

Gender disparity was considered to be the fifth recordable fact, according to which majority of women preferred to play casino games rather than opting for online gambling.

Legal Issues

The sixth position holding record was that some of the gamblers stated that they only started participating in online gambling after it had become legal, while most of them stated that they also gambled before it had been legalised.

Real Players

The 8th position holding fact was that a total of 378,103 participants had applied for online gambling accounts in New Jersey, among which only 28% were used for playing, while others did not pay any heed to their accounts after signing up.

Being Responsible

The 9th most interesting fact was that the feature of ‘Self-exclusion’ was largely used by online players within the age-group of 25-34 years.

Risk Involved

The last interesting fact is that the problem gambling i.e. addiction of gambling was predominantly evident among those, who played both land-based as well as online casino games, while those indulged only in the land-based casinos were at the least amount of risk.

An average level of risk of problem gambling was also evident among the online gamblers (14.3%). All these 10 interesting facts about the New Jersey’s world of online gambling provide an in-depth understanding on the trailblazing and the free land of America.